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Few facts about Istanbul escorts still unknown to many

The internet has sprung up new avenues for a lot of industries. One of the most potent among the lot is the Istanbul escort industry.

Now that gaining intimate pleasures is no longer a taboo, a fresh set of values and morals have dawned in people. Customers go to any extent in doling out extra cash to avail sexual services. For those who have not had the fortune of tasting something tempting as this, can only wonder about the mystery behind the ‘closed doors’ and how it is ruled by sex, money and glamour.


Below are listed few things that many are unaware about escorts even to this day:

Ratings on the internet
Where blogging is a trend, the so-called ‘experts’ take to the internet and offer both solicited and unsolicited opinions on an array of topics. Hence, this should come as no surprise that the practice of rating or offering valuable advice about choosing the particular lass or agency has reached every section of the web. Of course there are pitfalls like anonymous postings or planning false positive comments or sometimes even customers blackmailing few of them unless extra services are offered, yet most of the ratings are acceptable.


Tour facilities
Money is always a big factor and it is no exception for these escorts too. Having extended their services like outcall ones, escorts Istanbul travel to distant lands with strangers or their ‘customers’ to make the latter feel completely satiated. If the escort is not an independent one, the agencies book a room in top hotels for each escort much in advance and the customers can have the models at their beck and call. In few cases, Istanbul escorts are exploited and overworked. While some give in to customer’s demands in lieu of extra money, others hold strong.

Making a lot of money
This goes without saying that Istanbul escorts indeed make terrific money. However, there are few in remote places who are not capable of doing that but talking about eth elites and VIP’s, they are categorized as the most distinguished ones for they own few skills, fetishes or some specialties that sets them apart from the rest. Those catering to executive clientele or multimillionaires pull in hourly amounts that the lesser known ones cannot even make it in a month.


Secret lingo
Escort agencies are quite careful not to advertise explicitly that these women exchange sexual favors for money. As such, clients and agencies have both developed a lexicon of coded internet language and abbreviations that allow communication of services and needs to be exchanged. This was enforced at a time when prostitution laws were strictly enforced.
There are many others but these are still new to novices or those who have not much idea about the industry in general.

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