Rules You Should Follow While Dating İstanbul Escort

To derive pleasurable experience from the İstanbul escorts, you should know certain ettiquetes to impress them. As they are ready to provide you company for money, that doesn’t mean that you can treat with them rudely.


Most of the İstanbul Escorts are smart and sophisticated. They can know the clients’ demand just by looking at their faces. So, you should follow certain unspoken rules when you are with such a dazzling lady. When you are hiring an escort for a few hours, you want her to be punctual. In the same way, she also expects to see you at the venue in time. As they are professional, they don’t want to waste their time. So, try to reach the scheduled venue in time and make all the arrangements before she arrives.


From whatever agency you are hiring the service, she would like to get your personal inforation to know you better. Don’t hesitate to give them that information. Answer all her questions with patience and remember, she would also like to hear questions from you about her. You can ask her questions regarding her hobbies etc. By the way; you may also be interested in; Boost Your Confidence Level By Dating İstanbul Escort.


When you are dating an escort, it’s very important to handle the payment like an experienced client. As the escort industry is cash dominated one, you should pay the escort in cash. Never attempt to pay them in credit cards or cheques for your safety reasons. You shouldn’t go for a bargaining either with the escort agency or with the escort directly. If you do so, then chances are there that the agency will backlist you forever and will not entertain you in the future.


Don’t invite a friend at the venue where you are supposed to meet with your hired escort. She will not expect anyone else to be there with you. If she finds that you are waiting for her there with your friend, then instead of meeting, she will walk right away. Moreover, instead of inviting her to your resident, you should book a hotel room where you two can have fun with a lot more security.


  • nedim Says

    konu istanbul escorts kızları olduğunda hizmette hiç bir sınır tanımıyorlar

  • mehmet vargün Says

    bir çok kez istanbul escort kızlarını deneyimlemiş birisi olarak vip hizmet veren kızlar haricinde herkese güvenmenizi tavsiye etmem. ama bu tarz yüksek fiyatlı ve asıl işi escortluk olmayan kızlar her zaman istediğinizi verir size içiniz rahat olabilir. kuralları falan boşverin, sadece kendinizi onlara bırakın, herkes profesyonel olduğu işi yapmalı : )

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