To-Dos on a Client-Escort Meet

Hiring an escort during a vacation in Istanbul is not rare for single men. The city is distributed with an overwhelming count of escort agencies that serve the locals and visitors with premium services for short and long term bookings. This article is particularly an interesting and learning read for all those who are here to hire an Istanbul escort for the first time and scouring the Internet for a good preparatory read for the day. There is not much to the deal of meeting an escort. It is basically a revision of the to-dos for a normal date with a couple of specifics.

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Dress Well
This does not mean you have to put on Gucci shoes and a Ralph Lauren suit, or even a tuxedo. But, just to warn you before hand, she might turn up in clothes all designer labeled. Escorts in Istanbul are very particular about what they wear and they have fine taste of garments. Though they are not hard to impress, it is best if you dress up decently to be a good match for a date.

Be Chivalrous
Chivalry pays big time and there is no exception to that in this case. Every once in a while, hold her hand while crossing the road or hold the door when getting in or out. These little gestures are the mark of a gentleman, and they would come naturally when you are out with a woman. Just simply be yourself and be a little generous in the treatment and she will totally like you.


Look interested
When in conversation, maintain eye contact. It tells that you are interested in the conversation. Turkey escorts are very eloquent and well informed. They can easily strike up a conversation with the clients on any topic of interest and build the conversation interestingly and engagingly.

Don’t Get Personal
Do whatever but avoid the personal area for questioning. Asking her real name or contact number is something that you should strictly refrain from and this is where it differs from a real date. There could be many more dates in the future, but you have to call her agency for that.

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  • gökhan Says

    kızlarla karşılaştığınızda rahat, kendinize güveniniz tam olması gerek. çünkü iki tarafta ne istediğini biliyor ve bu nedenle randevulaşıyor

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