Independent Escort Vs Escort Agencies: Everything You should Know

Are you thinking of hiring services of an escort? If so, you will find both independent escorts and the ones who work with agencies. While it is true that independent escorts will charge you a little lesser than what the escort agencies would, you cannot expect high quality services from the former ones. You can check our Hungarian seductive beauty Karisa’s independent services.  The agencies choose the escorts after taking stringent examinations. From medical to behavioural test, the escorts have to pass each. Not only that there are certain norms that these girls need to qualify to be an escort. Being an elite escort isn’t an easy job. Besides, the high class escorts are very particular about hygiene unlike the regular ones. So, it is for you to decide what you want less money or safety and hygiene.


Besides, with the regular escorts that you can see on the streets there is no guarantee whether they have done medical tests or not. You of course won’t want to get affected by any type of sexually transmitted disease. The elite escorts working with the agencies not only care about their health and safety but also about their clients’.


Many amongst the elite escorts have joined the industry because they like to meet with different types of men. It doesn’t matter to them what age are you until you respect them and their profession. They hate to be with those men who treat them disrespectfully.


In case your escort have to cancel the date you need to worry as the agency will have another lady for you who expectedly will match your specifications. The escorts who work with Istanbul escort agencies also specialize in serving couples. But for that you should clearly mention it to the agency. Don’t surprise your escort by bringing your partner on the date. Your escort will then surprise you and for sure that wouldn’t be pleasing.

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  • onur Says

    escort ajanslarına bağlı ama kendi evinde görüşen kızlar şahane hizmet veriyor, tüm escortların içinde tek geçerim

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