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Some Etiquette Advisements for Clients Hiring İstanbul Escorts

Hiring an escort is not something people do a thorough research on before going for it. The job might not demand a lot of self-study, but it does need some considerations that are best taken into account. When you are hiring an escort, it is not like picking your week’s ration of groceries from the supermarket. Instead, it is a service you are seeking and you need to handle it delicately as long as women are involved. Istanbul escorts are not the regular street hookers who can be bargained with for a dime or two.

The women come from decent backgrounds and have the face and body that matches with pinup and calendar girls. Here, you need to mind a few etiquettes in order to make sure that you have done your part well in the transaction. Escorts have the liberty to choose their own clients and if you wish to retain her for a while, you have to be a bit presentable and present. Do not take it too casually as that might come across as disrespect for some. Though they are fun-loving and easygoing people, they might not everything you do on the face value of it.

Dress like a Client

This does not mean you have to appear in a suit and a tie. However, that does not mean you can turn up in a casual weekend pair of clothes. Choose a fair ground. Wear something which is not too formal for you, but does not look too casual for the other. First impression is definitely important and you need to score some points there. Look like you are out on a date if you are meeting her in a public place. Do not answer the door disrobed if it is an incall. That’s a turn off right there.

Hold the Door Open or Take a Coat

There is no harm in being gentlemanly with your escort. Hold that door for her as she enters or offer to take her coat as she walks in the room. She is like any other woman, and that calls for some show of chivalry. They really appreciate it and you’d want to be in their log of good clients if you wish it to be any longer than the first meet.


Tipping is Okay, But No Extra Favors

Supposing someone has hired an escort for a night with nothing specific on the list than just indoor sexual intercourse, and in the middle of the session, they feel like taking a skinny dip with the woman, it is not a plausible whim. She might not agree to that even if you have a pool in your backyard and no curious neighbor craning their head over the fences. The escort form will have all the specialties and activities distinctly printed for you to read and check. If skinny dipping is not checking, you have to stay confined in the bedroom and beguile yourself with what comes there.

Make sure you do not violate these when meeting an Istanbul escort.


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