Three Thumb Rules for First-Time Dating with an Escort

If you have made up your mind of seeing one of the fine Turkey escorts in Istanbul, there are many (hidden) surprises in store. But a fruitful experience with an escort has some pre-requisites as well. Dating an escort can be a smooth ride only if you are prepared for it. Several studies have suggested a dire need for escorting etiquettes and first-timers on the block are found to be in direr want for it.


Know what you are doing

First time escort seekers are particularly susceptible to thinking that what they are doing is illegal. Going out on a date with a lady is not illegal; it cannot be. Even if there are many preconceived notions about seeing an escort, most of them are societal and a very few are legal. There is absolutely no reason to be low on confidence just because you are seeing an escort. You are simply engaging services of a lady who provides paid companionship.

Have a Plan

In the excitement of going out with an escort for the first time, many first-timers tend to miss out on planning. This is one reason why people complain of dissatisfaction on their first meeting with escorts. Since you are the one paying for the service, the onus of planning is also on you.

Your first date with an Istanbul escort can be a memorable experience if you have the right plans in mind. Given the leverage that Istanbul gives you in terms of spots and locations, this should not a difficult job either.

Be the Gentleman

There is no reason you should be an annoyance to a lady on your first, twenty fifth or last date with her. If you expect agreeable behavior, start by being a gentleman yourself. Most escorts are well trained and try their best to be the sweet honey that you expect.

While an escort will be sweet to you even if you are no sweet to her, the pleasure-quotient will invariably drop with rash behavior.

Arrive on Time

It is important to treat the date as another professional engagement. Many men make the mistake of not arriving on time for their meetings with escorts. Not only will this put you in an embarrassing situation, but you will also be paying for the time you missed.

Arriving on time sends out the right message to the lady. It is a signal that you value the date. If you can please her as such, there are more surprises in store.




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