Sensual Lingam and Sacred Spot Massages From İstanbul Escort Services

Massages can be very therapeutic if done in the right manner. It is believed that the traditional tantric and sensual massages have the potential to cure many ailments without any medication. The extremely relaxing and purifying Lingam massage can please your senses and increase your sexual potential to a great deal. Istanbul is a city of culture and particularly known for its healing and sensual massage techniques. The fact that is not known much is that the Istanbul escort girls are highly professional and skilled masseurs who can give you a relaxing massage session and much more to relax your body.

The Lingam Massage
In a male body, the lingam is the most sensitive area with thousands of nerve endings and pressure points. Applying the right strokes and pressure to the lingam can stimulate the gland and provide extreme pleasure to the receiver. The Istanbul escort girls are highly skilled in performing this massage technique to provide pleasurable moments to the client. The massage involves continues and rhythmic application of pressure on the shaft by lubricating it with essential oils. The stimulation created by the massage can result in release of energy through the lingam that provides a sensation of relief and pleasure to the client.

Massage of the Sacred Spot
The tip of the lingam is considered as the sacred spot of the male body if going by the conventions of the tantric massage techniques. It is also known as the male G-spot which, if stimulated properly and with enough time, can provide you with great moments of pleasure. Trained masseurs of the Istanbul escort agencies gently squeeze the tip of the spot and massage it with soft and warm hands with the aid of sensuous aroma oils to heighten the pleasure making you reach orgasm multiple times without ejaculation.

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Body on Body Massages
When you are looking for a complete package of massage services you can opt for the whole body to body massages that are a specialty of Istanbul escort girls. In these massage technique parts of the body such as the hands, upper arms, thighs, foot, the breasts and butts of the escort girl can be utilized to provide pleasurable sensations to the body of the client. In case the client is highly aroused the masseur takes the responsibility to release the sexual excitement and provide orgasm to their respective client in a safe and secure manner. It is a highly sensual massage service which deeply involves all your senses.


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    ajansta bulunan ve masaj hizmeti veren kızlardan bu hizmeti satın alabilirsiniz. hepsi alanında profesyonel ve size aradığınız vücut rahatlığını vermeye yeminli gibi.

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