Etiquette Guidance for Your Istanbul Escort

The frequenters of Istanbul are well aware of the escort service that the city offers to its loyal visitors. Hiring an Istanbul escort now-a-days has become a piece of cake with a huge number of agencies proliferating to keep pace with the growing demand. However, the client not only requires to do extensive research before hiring the service but also needs to be conscious of being justifiably polite and polished while being on a date with his escort.

Istanbul escorts are classy and elegant women from different decent backgrounds. They are famous all over the world for their frivolous attitude and that is why they barely entertain any kind of misbehavior. But if you keep the following things in mind, you can as well turn into one of the favorites of your escort.


Turn up like a gentleman:

When you are meeting your escort, irrespective of whether it is an in call or an out call appointment, you are expected to maintain a certain dress code. You are not supposed to turn up in your casuals and shorts, if not a ties and suits. It is very important to create a praiseworthy first impression on your escort as lack of hygiene and a presentable look can be a big turn off for your escort.

Behave like a gentleman:

If you really want to be in the good books of your escort, you must follow certain gentlemanly gestures. When your escort arrives for the date, hold doors for her or take out the chair for her before she sits. Escorts are really taken with chivalrous attitude.

One thing that happens to make her remember you is a generous tip. It is always mandatory to tip your escort without asking her to provide you with any extra favor.


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