Top 5 questions Which Are Strict No-No in the Escort Industry

When you are in Istanbul and thinking of hiring beautiful Turkey Escorts, there are certain dos and don’ts which you need to follow. There may be thousand intriguing questions hovering in your mind but you need to resist yourself from asking as there are few things which are never said to a female escort. Not only had they found these questions offending but also out of context. Few things are best if they are left unsaid.

So here are some questions which must be avoided to have a night of pleasure and lust.


What’s your real name?

Make sure you never ask any Turkey Escorts about their true identity. After all why will she tell you her real name? You are just her client for a night and that’s it. The escort industry is still hidden under the loops of lust and mystic elements so let it be that way.

How much do you earn?

It’s a very stupid question to ask any girl about their pay. The Istanbul Escorts may find it very humiliating and can stop providing the service then and there.

Are your relatives and friends escorts too?

What kind of tacky question is this! Your contract with the reputed escort industry will be terminated instantly and you won’t be able to sign any further deal with the particular agency.

Do you detest men?

Never ever ask this question to her. Just because she is a prostitute does not mean she hates men. Being a prostitute is her choice and it has nothing to do with her preference for men. Never forget escorts are human beings and they have heart and feelings too.

Do I need to wear a condom?

Turkey Escorts believe in healthy sex and to ensure that you need a thin barrier of condom in between both of you during intimate moments. It is a quintessential thing in the adult industry as no one wants to play games with their health.


  • uğur Says

    bu sorular kesinlikle kızlara sormamanız gereken sorular evet, zaten kızın gerçek isminden size ne arkadaşlar? ne gibi bir yararı olacakta soruyorsunuz anlamıyorum.
    bu aptal soruların yerine kıza küçük dozlu iltifatlar etmeniz yararınıza olacaktır

    • ajdar Says

      yorumlarına bakarak hayli escort tecrüben var gibi görünüyor hocam, bu anlamda seni dinleyeceğim. zaten kızın gerçek ismiyle değil vücuduyla ilgileniyorum.

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